High School Discovery Week

Discovery Week is an integral part of our school program that offers enhanced educational experiences for all students. It is a week-long trip in March for students in Grades 9 -11.



Discovery Week allows students to:

  • Discover and appreciate the geography, history, culture, and customs of a new area.
  • Become closer and supportive of one another. By traveling together, students get to know one another well, make new friends and learn skills in dealing effectively with others in a group situation.
  • Grow in self-awareness, self-confidence & independence. By traveling in a group, away from home and without parents, students will get to know themselves better, gain confidence through new experiences, and make decisions that increase their sense of self-reliance and independence.
  • Appreciate each other and their teachers in new ways. Through the shared experiences of traveling, eating, and living together for five to seven days, students and teachers will experience each other in new ways not possible in the classroom. These new experiences will provide an opportunity for students and teachers to build a positive and constructive foundation for interaction for the rest of the school year.



Helpful Information

For Discovery Week information, please email or call AAS Activities Coordinator Elena Plyuta at Elena.Plyuta@aas.ru or +7 (495) 231-1061.


HS DW 2020 Participants

Updated December 17

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of the November 27, 2019 Newsletter

Registration for Discovery Week trips is now closed.
If you missed registration please contact the Penguin Life office.

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