Mother Language Program

“The research is very clear about the importance of bilingual children’s mother tongue for their overall personal and educational development.... Children’s knowledge and skills transfer across languages from the mother tongue they have learned in the home to the school language.”

- Dr. Jim Cummins, professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


MLP classes on campus:

  • Monday - Thursday 15:30 - 16:30

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Russian MLP classes

The goal of the Mother Language program is for the student to become communicatively competent in the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in their mother tongue. This program encourages parents to participate in their children's academic program through home activities and classroom involvement.


Students who attended Russian MLP classes in SY 2021-22 do not need to be pre-assessed. Please register online for the Mother Language Program.

For students that are new to the program, or those who have not participated in SY 2021-22, placement test is required. Please register online for Mother Language Pre-assessment.

There is an additional fee for participation.

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For additional information, please contact Russian MLP group coordinator:

Language Group Coordinator
Russian Nina Mamina |