Individual Swim Lessons

Program Coordinator David Ismailov can be reached at
Contact David by email for questions regarding Individual Swimming Lessons
Individual Swim Lessons
Individual Swimming Lessons (ISL) are conducted by Water Safety Instructors (WSI) certified by the American Red Cross. 
Program Availability
  • This program is only available for the following groups of people: 
    • AAS students
    • Immediate family members of AAS Students
    • SportZone Members of Prokrosky Hills residents
  • A request for swim lessons DOES NOT GUARANTEE you will be able to book swim lessons with a WSI. 
  • Please bear in mind that demand is high and we have a limited number of instructors; we thank you in advance for understanding and patience
  • Individual Swimming Lessons are consistently offered on Tuesday & Thursday, SportZone evenings 19:00 - 21:00.
  • Additionally, individual swimming lessons may be held during the Saturday Family Splash dates.
  • Please check with your instructor for available dates and times.
Cancellation Protocol
  • If you have to cancel a swimming lesson for any reason kindly notify your instructor before 12:00 noon the day of the lesson 
  • It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure all lessons are used before the end of the school year (no refunds or carry over for the new school year) 
  • If a WSI continuously cancels swim lessons with the parent, the parent needs to contact the WSI supervisor, David Ismailov
How to Register for Individual Swim Lessons
  • Parents request individual swim lessons online via the Digiquatics system Register Here
  • Special Accommodations or Requests
    • This section can be used by a parent to provide more detailed expectations of the swim lessons. Ie. I want both my children to have lessons together, we would like to take lessons 2-3 times per week, etc. etc
    • Request an Instructor - Parents that would like to have a specific person as their instructor must indicate the name of the WSI in this section
  • Swimming Instructors accept request, contact the parents and decide on the date and time when to have the lessons.
  • Before the last lesson the swimming instructor needs to contact the parents and let them know that if they want to continue having the lessons, they should fill out the form and buy another package of lessons.
  • Once your lessons are accepted by a WSI, the parent must pay at the school cashier
  • WSI Supervisor, David Ismailov, will forward Swim Lesson Package to the cashier
  • The cashier approves the payment in the Google Sheet above by adding a “PAID” comment in the “Package Cell” (must use all swim lessons before end of school year, no carry over or refunds in June)
  • WSI Supervisor will email both the parent and WSI instructor notification that swimming lessons may begin
  • Rates:
    • Option 1: 10 lessons 
      • Individual = $300/swimmer
      • Group (2 or 3) = $200/swimmer
    • Option 2: 20 lessons 
      • Individual = $600/swimmer
      • Group (2 or 3) = $400/swimmer
    • Option 3 - Student Instructor: 10 lessons 
      • Individual = $150/swimmer
      • Group (2 or 3) = $75/swimmer
    • Option 4 - Student Instructor: 20 lessons 
      • Individual = $300/swimmer
      • Group (2 or 3) = $150/swimmer
Digiquatics Shift Approval
  • WSI’s register their lesson dates and times with David
  • WSI Supervisor ads the lesson shift for the Instructor into Digiquatics.
  • Before and after each lesson, the Instructor clocks-in and clock-outs through Digiquatics.

Frequently Asked Questions