Iana and Evgenii - AAS New Faculty Hires 2021

Greetings everyone! We are a family of three - Evgenii, Iana, and little Mark.

We are originally from Russia, Altai, however, we can hardly call Russia our home now, because last ten years have seen us living, working, and studying in more than five countries including South Korea, Germany, China, Thailand, US and Kuwait.

I am an avid yoga and mindfulness practitioner, sports enthusiast, art lover, and explorer with an open mind and heart. I will be joining AAS in the role of a Middle School Counselor for grades 6 and 7.

My husband Evgenii is treading a path of innovation and creativity, whose true passion is to explore, inspire, and share. He produces digital content around educational technology, innovation, Minecraft Education, and cinematic storytelling. This year he will be joining AAS as a Design, Tech & Innovation Specialist.

Our son, Mark, is a 17-month-old car lover, stones collector, nature enthusiast and amateur cyclist. He keeps us fit, as his energy is never ending.

We can’t wait to join AAS community and friends in August!