Elementary and Middle School students at AAS have a uniform. Please find below the uniform guidelines and frequently asked questions about these guidelines.

For uniformity of color and style, AAS recommends that parents purchase from the following suppliers: Gap and/or Schoolwear International (www.s-i.org.uk/aasm). However, if parents choose another supplier, the styles and shades of color need to match those offered by Gap and Schoolwear International. Please visit Schoolwear International's website to view their uniform pieces.

Please note that on days when they have P.E. in their schedule, Elementary School students should wear their P.E. uniform all day. Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students have P.E. three times a week; all other grades have P.E. twice a week.

*'Russian Red' is between a true-red and a burgundy.  Bright or orange-reds may not be worn.

Shirts (Girls/Boys)

Short or long sleeve pique polo shirts (Russian Red or White; without logos)



Boys' Trousers and Shorts

Pleated or flat front (Navy Blue, Black, or Khaki; shorts must be knee length)

Boys Khaki Trousers   Boys Navy Trousers    


Girls' Skirts, Skorts, Slacks, Shorts, and Pinafores

(Navy Blue, Black, or Khaki; skirts, skorts, shorts and pinafore must be knee length)



A Russian Red or White polo shirt or white oxford is required under the pinafore.

PE Uniform (Girls/Boys)

PE uniforms for all divisions consist of: red AAS t-shirt (available for purchase in PTO store) + black exercise pants or shorts. 



Formal Uniform (Girls/Boys)

Oxford buttoned-down long sleeved collared shirt (White) + slacks/trousers/skirt (Navy Blue) + tie (available for purchase at PTO store) + dark colored shoes + black belt. 

For the Formal Uniform, Girls also have the option to wear the navy pinafore with the long sleeved oxford and tie underneath.



Outerwear (Girls/Boys)

Full zippered front, hooded fleece or sweatshirt (Russian Red, White, Navy Blue)
Cardigan (Russian Red, White, Navy Blue)
Sweatshirt (red, blue, or white) purchased from the PTO Shop, or a Penguin Life department sweatshirt.



Shoes and Socks

Shoes with closed toes and heels.  Primary colors only. 

Shoes may be trainers or leather uppers but must have minimal logos.


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